Favorite Authors

  • Elizabeth Peters
    1. Jacqueline Kirby series (favorite heroine) 2. Vicky Bliss series
  • Janet Evanovich
    Stephanie Plum series, Sizzling Sixteen out June 22nd
  • Kim Harrison
    Rachael Morgan series, Black Magic Sanction out Feb 23rd.
  • Laurell K Hamilton
    Anita Blake series, Merry Gentry series
  • Maria V Snyder
    Study series; Glass series
  • Michelle Sagara
    Chronicles of Elantra series.
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Dark Hunter series, Dev's book out April 8th; League series; First Chronicle of Nick, Infinity, out June 1st
  • Tanya Huff
    Blood Books, Smoke series.
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Maggie's favorite quotes

"Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't. "— Pete Seeger

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Having pockets would just make it too easy!

Actually, we have a dress code at work which is black, white and khaki SOLID only. And no white pants. Black or khaki pants. White, black or khaki shirts. Not tshirts, no jeans, ever.....blah! I don't wear khaki pants because they make my butt look HUGE. I don't wear white shirts because I hate how deoderant makes it look like there are pit stains (a little info, in case you didn't know...deo+pit stain-looking stains, not sweat!).

I am a hairdresser. I get covered in hair all day.

But, it's ok, because I bought two pairs of black slacks and a couple of black blouses and I just shake then out, Fabreeze them, and wear them a couple of times. I bathe daily, and the clothes are only worn at work, so I figure, why not? They all look the same anyway and no one has ever noticed...that I haven't told..which is everyone I work with. They do the same.

Some people are against that, but I hate shopping, especially for clothes...

Where was I going with this? Oh YEAH!

How about my two pairs of black slacks DO have pockets, BUT THEY ARE SEWN SHUT!!!!!!

Stupid no pocket pant making people...I'm totally with ya, sister.

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